My lizard Max and my bonsai

Since everyone is getting to know me from my blog I thought I would share more about me. The one pet I have is a bearded dragon lizard named Max. The main reason I am including him in my blog is because when he is out of his cage one of his favorite things to do is climb on my Fukien Tea Bonsai tree. So below are a couple of pics of Max in my tree……….


This was shortly after we got him. He was so tiny!


A month or 2 later he is a little bigger. 


Here is a close up of him.

Eventually he will be way to big to climb on my bonsai. But until then I will capture more of him in different trees 🙂

I have more post that I am working on now but I needed something to fill the gap between bonsai post so I figured Max would be perfect. Thanks for reading.

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