Wire and wire tools

I figured since I did a post on the wire caddy I built, I should do a post on the wire and wire related items. Its kinda dumb to tell you about my wire caddy and not tell you what I put in it. DUH! 

First lets talk about the wire. I buy most of my wire online from Stone Lantern. Great prices and great service. Not much more to say. Some of the other wire I buy locally at different shops like and Lowes and Harbor Freight tools. Yes…… I said Lowes. The bulk darkened aluminum and the annealed copper I get from Stone Lantern comes from Robert Steven’s “Bonsai Aesthetics”. The only wire I get from Lowes is the very small 18 gauge (1.0mm) aluminum and copper. I use so little and its cheap enough to just buy locally. The stainless steel wire for guy wire is all I get from Harbor Freight Tools. Below are pics of each…….

Darkened Aluminum (Bonsai Aesthetics)

Obtained through Stone Lantern online. Very low-cost!


Annealed copper (Bonsai Aesthetics : it is vacuum heated when annealed so it is not dark initially)


Stainless Steel from Harbor Freight Tools: Used for tie downs and guy wire


I also use a gold-colored aluminum wire. I use this as a quick temporary wire. That way I don’t waste my good quality bonsai wire plus with it being gold it stands out so I don’t forget to remove it. 


Now that you know what wire I use lets take a look at the different wire tools I use as well.


Bonsai Wire Cutter (scissor style)


Bonsai Wire cutter (flush cut style) : Made by Bonsai Aesthetics


Standard wire cutter (helps with really thick wire) and a small cheap pair I use only for the thin wire to save on the usage of the better cutters.


And yes I know raffia is not wire however it is used in conjunction with wire when bending and shaping branches to help keep them for breaking and splitting. 


And when it’s all put together this is how it’s stored.


2 thoughts on “Wire and wire tools”

  1. Great caddy! I don’t have a lot of wire to store because most of my trees have been trained clip and grow style, but I am going to be getting some more junipers to train and need to start getting wire together.

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