2 New Display Stands

I decided to build 2 new display stands along my walkway up to my front door. I will use these stands to showcase typically 2 bonsai (1 bonsai per stand or more pending size). So whenever I have guests over or anyone just drops in, they will be greeted by 2 of my bonsai. They are placed in a very small garden section that have some dwarf Alberta Spruce and small various color azaleas. Once the area is re-mulched this spring and the azalea or in bloom it will be a nice little area.

I had some 4×4 lumber sitting around that I could use. So next came the digging……



I bought 2 TREX post cover slips to slide over them and give them some class. TREX is a composite decking material that won’t splinter, fade or breakdown with weather. 



Big difference between just the plain wood and covered with the TREX!


Then I bought a grooved piece of decking the was 36″ and cut it in half giving me 2 display tops that will be 18″ long. Staining the grooved wood.


Attaching the tops to the stand posts and completing the 2 stands.



The grooves will allow all excess water to drain out.


The stands with 2 bonsai on them temporarily to show how they will look. I need to get some straps to secure them to the post until I can leave them on display for a longer period of time. 



A San Jose Juniper on the stand.


2 bonsai on display. San Jose Juniper and a Sharps Pygmy Japanese Maple


Sharps Pygmy Japanese Maple

The stands are about 45 inches from the ground. I stand at about 5’7.5″ and this places the apex of a tree that’s about 15 inches high (soil level up) just at eye level. I wanted them to be a little higher than normal being that they are the main focus points of the space but they are still not overly high and can be viewed nicely by almost anyone. Thanks for reading.

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