Recently purchased San Jose Juniper

I recently purchased this San Jose Juniper from my local bonsai nursery. The nursery is “Natures Way Bonsai Nursery” and is located just outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I will be doing a post on the nursery in the future. The bonsai came in the pot shown and was pretty much completely wired so there was hardly anything to do with it. I just liked its potential, the price was very good and required minimal amount of effort ;). I slightly adjusted some of the branches but that’s about it. It’s starting to push new growth which is a good sign. It’s a little thin in some areas so my goal with this tree is to create fuller pads over time. Other than that, just regular maintenance and I should have a nice bonsai in a few short years.


Front view


left side view


downward look at the jin


close-up of the main large jin


close-up of the jin in the front and the shari

And its pushing new growth which means its healthy. I bought the tree over the winter, I believe in the beginning of February, so seeing signs of life and growth is a relief that my money was well spent 🙂




This was the pic I used in my bonsai display stand post. Looks good on display there.

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