Possible future bonsai enthusiast?

For Earth Day this week my youngest daughter (8 yrs old) obtained a white spruce seedling from school. And let me tell you she was excited to bring it home and show her dad! She also has joined the garden club at school and has always been excited to help me with my trees and the veggie garden. Who knows…… maybe she will become a great bonsai artist? She jumped at the second I asked if she wanted to place it in a pot so I used this as a small teaching session for her as well. Here are some pics of her excited too pot her tree and then watering it. 


Placing a small layer of lava rock at bottom for drainage.


The little White Spruce seedling.


Placing some soil in pot and ready to place seedling in. Seedling is nice and green and has long roots so it should be good and healthy.


Centering tree.


Adding soil around tree.



Making sure its nice and level on the surface.







Proud little girl and her first tree planting 🙂


While I was getting water for the tree my oldest and youngest daughter thought they would be goofy for the camera. Now they are here for everyone to see! Don’t mess with dad’s camera! 😉 LOL 


Watering the newly planted tree.



Its times like this that get to your heart as a dad. I’m just glad that 1 of my 3 daughters shares my interest of bonsai and has a “green thumb” like me. And beyond the quality time spent with my little one, its great to get young children involved in bonsai. Someday down the road it will be up to my daughters generation to carry on the bonsai tradition and pass the knowledge. We can’t just let it end with your or my generation. 

4 thoughts on “Possible future bonsai enthusiast?”

  1. That is so great! Even if she decides that she no longer likes gardening when she gets older, that little tree will be your most precious. When I was in the first grade they gave me a pine just like this one and now it is over 20 feet tall! Even after my dad ran it over with the lawn mower.

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