Marc Noelanders at Natures Way Bonsai Nursery

This year marked the 40th Anniversary of Natures Way Bonsai Nursery which is located just outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Every spring the nursery kicks off the year with their spring festival which includes tons of bonsai and bonsai related stuff, workshops and demos with world-renowned bonsai artists (this year was Marc Noelanders from Belgium), food, drinks and much more. Unfortunately this year I was not able to attend most of the main attractions that happened on Saturday however, I was able to attend a free demo on Friday evening. On Friday evening Natures Way Bonsai and Marc Noelanders were gracious enough to open their doors for a free demo. Marc Noelanders did a demo on a yamadori spruce that Natures Way Bonsai provided with the assistance of Jim Doyle. The demo was done in the workshop area of the nursery and about a dozen people attended. They also provided free drinks and snacks and to my surprise free beer! The free beer was more than enough to get me to drive 45 minutes to the nursery in pouring down rain and then add a free demo with Marc Noelanders……. It was heavenly 😉

Anyway onto the demo……

As I said the tree was a nature collected (yamadori) Spruce. I don’t remember the exact type of spruce but I do remember it was a spruce. And the beer did not cause or contribute to the reason I can’t remember the exact type of Spruce! LOL. Marc styled it in a “slant” style and the tree came out very nice. 

Some photos may be a little blurry. I did not have my camera and used my phone.


Marc giving us his introduction and a brief story on his background.


Marc explaining his thoughts on the tree and its possible styling.



Creating  jin on the lower deadwood.



Creating  jin




Making sure he gets a long enough piece of wire.




Jim Doyle looking on as Marc wires.


Jim assisting with a guy wire.




Jim pinches new growth while Marc looks at possible branch placement.









Marc in motion explaining the slanting of the tree.


Here is the final bonsai created by Marc Noelanders. Sorry but this is the best photo I could get of it at the time. 

I must add that if you ever get the chance you watch a demo by Marc Noelanders its a must. He is extremely talented, extremely knowledgeable and extremely nice. I will make it a priority the next time he comes back to Natures Way Bonsai in Pennsylvania 🙂 


Also while we enjoyed our demo, snacks and drinks we were accompanied by one of our fellow bonsai club members Aaron Gainer playing the guitar. Aaron is a very talented musician and guitarist and it was a great addition to the demo.


Here is the bonsai thats behind Aaron in his above photo. The workshop at Natures Way Bonsai has a tokonoma and they randomly display various bonsai all the time.

Thanks for reading 🙂

7 thoughts on “Marc Noelanders at Natures Way Bonsai Nursery”

  1. Marc is a really lovely person and also sooo talented. I hope to be able to meet this amazing artist in the near future.

    1. He is a very nice person. After the demo finished about 9pm, several of us including Marc sat around for about 1.5 hrs talking about all types of things and hung out drinking some beer and looking at bonsai. It was a great experience 🙂

      1. I am a ‘bit gelous…. But not as much. Next week I will meet some bonsai fellows in Italy, is not Marc but still fun

    1. There wasn’t any talk about the beer surprisingly. We just drank it. Lol. What beer was available was imported beer, not any American variety so that may be why as well. It was a great experience.

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