Dwarf Canadian Hemlock

I bought this dwarf hemlock last year at season’s end for about $3.00. I bought it at the same time as several other trees I have posted about. I liked the way the tree was compact and the small green needles. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it style wise so i first figured I would clean it up a little and go from there.


This is the tree as it was bought from the nursery. As you can see it has small compact needles and a decent trunk structure for its size. It’s roughly 12-13 inches high at the moment


Cleaned up and some of the un-needed growth removed. Temporary wire just for visual reference of possible future design.The temporary wire is so easy to use and extremely inexpensive I don’t mind using it to help me visualize the tree. It’s not done on all my trees. I know it’s not a standard practice but then nothing about me is 😉


In the re-potting tub and ready to get out of the bad nursery soil and pot.


Lots of buds swelling so it’s a perfect indicator that its time to do any re-potting.


Root mass out of he nursery pot. This tree does not have much for surface roots (nebari) but we can work on that as time passes. 


Roots raked out and ready for a trim.


Roots trimmed up and shaped for a good fit in its temporary training pot.


Training pot and some much better soil. I swear that when you re-pot a tree into better soil and training pot you can actually hear the tree sigh in relief for the freshness you have supplied for it. LOL 


Shortly after the re-pot the new buds are breaking open. Good sign that I didn’t kill it. Now its time for me to sigh in relief that its doing well 🙂


Close-up of new buds breaking. A lovely bright fresh green.


And a little more time passes and the tree is loaded with fresh growth.


Close-up of the new growth. 

After this growing season I will clean back anymore un-needed growth and give this little guy its official quality wiring. I think that with the addition of the new growth, the already compact style of the branches that I should be able to create some very nice pads right from the start. A few years down the road and getting the trunks and such to thicken this should be a good twin trunk bonsai. That is if I don’t mess it up between now and then which is possible 😉 LOL

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