Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus)

Its been a bit since my last post so I figured I better get on the ball. This is a short post but I do have others being created  and will have some more being uploaded in the future 🙂

This Dwarf Burning Bush was purchased as a standard nursery shrub. I have seen some photos of burning bush bonsai and was captivated by them especially when they are in fall color. I figured I would give one a try and see how it goes.


Here it is after bringing it home from my local nursery. Long and shaggy!


I gave it a very needed haircut!


After a strong growing season last summer I cut it back again and placed it in a training pot this spring.


After I re-potted it I decided to cut it back a little bit further. 


Shortly after re-potting it is throwing out a bunch of new growth!


And its current state, lots of growth. After this season I will prune it back again, throw some wire on it and start the shaping and styling process for its future as a bonsai. 

Thanks for reading!

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