Fukien Tea Bonsai #2

Here is the 2nd Fukien Tea bonsai that I have in my collection. This tree was purchased at Lowes for $36.00 about 2.5 yrs ago.  Another “mallsai” to you non believers of Fukien Tea trees. 


Here it is just after arriving home. Nice movement in the trunk and has good taper. Just needs cleaned up, re-potted and possibly some wiring.


Close-up on the trunk.


Sorry for such a tiny pic but for some reason it is smaller than my other pics. Anyway, my 2 youngest daughters wanted to help their daddy water his bonsai and from the other side of the room I heard a “CRASH”! They accidentally knocked my Fukien Tea off the table. I reacted quickly to get it re-potted and clean up the mess so this is the only pic I have of the accident. 


Here is the tree re-potted after falling off the table. Unfortunately the apex was broken off. It doesn’t look bad in this pot with the little mudman chilling underneath it. LOL. But it will need a new apex.


A close-up of the Fukien Teas little white flowers it gets. A healthy tree will constantly produce these flowers year round. They will slow over winter but still produce them. 


The tree has been allowed to grow some new shoots. I chose a new shoot (just left of center) to start a new apex on the tree.


And the tree re-potted in same pot with fresh soil. I did not do any work to the roots. I changed the angle of the tree slightly. It was leaning back and did not look good so I positioned it more upright. I will let it over-grow again to get the trunk thicker and some better growth on the branches. I might not even prune it for another year or two and just let it run wild. We will see what happens 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fukien Tea Bonsai #2”

  1. Nice job, and a good reminder that sometimes it’s best to just leave a tree alone. I like the flowers and think I’ll start watching for one.

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