My first attempt at a kusamono

I decided that I would finally start getting into other areas around bonsai such as accent plants and kusamono. I am working on another post that will cover a good bit of the work I have been doing regarding accent plants. But in the meantime I thought I would share with you my attempt at creating a kusamono. For those followers that do not know what a kusamono is, I will give you the basic definition: 

Kusamono (japanese meaning literally “grass thing”) are a potted collection of plants designed to either be viewed as a companion plant for bonsai trees, or alone. Normally the term kusamono is used when the planting is displayed as the center of attention instead of a bonsai tree, while the term shitakusa (accent plant) is used for plantings that accompany bonsai tree displays. 

The following 2 photos are the 2 plants I chose for my kusamono. I liked the 2 different shades of green they are. Even though they contrast greatly in color, texture and size, I think they work well together. 


Dwarf Mondo Grass “Ophiopogon japonicus “nana”‘


A form of a common spike moss “selaginella caulescentes” 


This is the pot I decided to go with. It is handmade by a potter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania by the name of Phil Garnett. I fell in love with this pot as soon as I seen it and had to buy it. It did not have any drain holes, so I took care of that issue with my ceramic drill bits and high-speed drill press. 


I wanted to give it a little something more instead of just sticking 2 plants in a pot and calling it done. This is a very tough piece of deadwood that I dug up as a root of a plant that had been chopped away awhile ago and causing a problem in my flower bed. 


I needed a way to attach it to the pot, but did not want it permanent in case I want to reuse the pot in a different setting in the future. First I measured the location, inserted a stainless steel wood screw and attached a stainless steel tie wire to it. 


I positioned the deadwood on the pot where I wanted it and used the tie wire to attach it thru one of the drain holes. 


Here is my completed first kusamono! The wood may look a little long in the pic but trust me it’s not. It’s a perfect fit if you would view it in person. Let me know what you think about my first kusamono 🙂

Just a FYI…… even if you are not a WordPress follower and follow me by email, you can still leave a comment or ask me a question. Dont be shy 😉

Well thanks again for reading! 

5 thoughts on “My first attempt at a kusamono”

  1. I like it, but…. according to my Kusamono Master a real Kusamono should evoke a piece of nature in the wild. I my opinion a tall grass will do the job along whith your composition. Notice that the art of Kusamono is new to me to, so, in the end your composition is wonderfull!!!! Hihi

    1. In time the mondo grass will get an inch or 2 taller even though its a dwarf variety. So that should cover the taller grass you mentioned. I live in the woods and I always come across fallen trees in which there is tall weeds/grass on the sunny side and the shaded moist side covered in moss growth. So that should take care of the piece of nature in wild aspect. At least the above story is what inspired to design it the way I did. I’m glad that you like it :). Thanks for your comment and info. Now I have some good info to use to create some more! 🙂

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