New accent pots

I have been doing bonsai for a few years now. During that time I have read and seen a lot about accent plants that accompany bonsai trees especially during a show/exhibit. I have been gaining more and more info and interest about accent plants. Fellow bloggers that I follow have peaked my interest even more with the post they have been doing about the accent plants they have. Bonsai Eejit  and Bonsai-Passion  have some incredible posts on their blogs about accent plants. I highly recommend checking them out! 🙂

The following 4 small pots I purchased at Garnett Pottery which is located in Kettle Kitchen Village, Intercourse, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County). The potter is a local man named Phil Garnett. He makes all the pottery they sell in their only shop which is operated by his wife. Phil has been making pots for many years. He is originally from the Yorkshire Region of the UK and moved to the USA in 1991. At this time he does not make pottery that is bonsai or accent plant specific. His pottery is for use around the house and for home decor. However, with that said, I still fell in love with the several pots below. All I had to simply do is drill a drain hole in the bottom by using a ceramic/tile drill bit and my high-speed drill press. Now they are perfect garden pots :). They are not as ornate as most other pots for this use but keep in mind they were not initially made for this purpose.

The good news is that I reached out to Phil by email and he stated that he had an interest in bonsai as well and may consider making some bonsai related pots for “shits and giggles” just to see how it goes. As you can imagine I responded back that I would love to be the lucky guinea pig to test out the pots if he decides to make them! 🙂 It would be nice to have a local handmade bonsai potter and eliminate the need for online buying/shipping prices. 

So here are the new pots! I hope you like them as much as I do 🙂









Tell me what you think!

This next pot is made from tin.Now I know what your thinking….. Tin? Won’t that rust from watering?? The answer is yes and no. Tin will oxidize and get an outer rustic layer. That layer will actually prevent any moisture from further touching the metal and will not allow it to rust any further unlike other metals such as steel. This pot is coated so it will prolong the oxidizing effect. Plus I think it will look nice when its got an “old” rustic look and add some character to the pot. 


The next 2 pot are just basic mass produced tiny bonsai pots that I think work well for accent plants. 



Now the below pot was originally purchased as just a basic bonsai pot. But I found a plant that I think will work well as a future bonsai accent and this pot popped into my head when I seen it. Plus I have no use for it with any of my trees currently so its better used for one reason or another rather than sitting on the shelf collecting dust. So I figured since its “new” to accent plants it should be featured in this post 🙂


Shortly in the future I will do a post on what accent plants I obtain and then obviously some time later I will do a post with the completed results of combining the pots and plants. 

Thanks again for reading!

6 thoughts on “New accent pots”

    1. Yes they are all glazed inside since they were made with the intention of being used as bowls or little flower pots. I carefully drilled a whole in each bottom to allow for drainage and air flow. They are all about 2.5-3.5 inches wide and about 2-2.5 inches high. Measurements are a rough guess since I actually didn’t take any. Sorry i don’t know the cm conversion. Relatively small. Just let me know how many you want and I can always ship them to ya! 🙂

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