My second kusamono

After I did my first kusamono a little bit ago, I decided to try a second one as well.


My grass of choice for this one is variegated liriope. I found this little pack discounted and tucked away in a corner at my local nursery. I felt like giving it a chance instead of it probably just being tossed in the garbage at the end of the year.

I also noticed that a little oxalis was also growing with it. Oxalis is typically a “weed” found growing in lawns in some areas especially here in Pennsylvania. They will get little yellow flowers on them.


I was in good fortune that we had some rain recently and as always the moss on my rock wall came back to life nice and green. I scrapped some off the rocks and made sure it was debris free and looking in good health.


Here is the pot I decided to go with. The pot is from local potter Phil Garnett that I had mentioned in my accent plant post.


Here is the final look. I also liked the little oxalis that came along for the ride so I decided to keep it and plant it within the final display. I think it adds an extra special touch 🙂


Close-up of the kusamono.


Overhead view


And another photo of the completed kusamono.

 The pot is not that deep so the liriope is sitting a little high. Maybe prior to the grass sprouting next spring I will see if I can get it a little lower in the pot. For now it will have to do. 

Thanks for reading 🙂

3 thoughts on “My second kusamono”

      1. I realy love the pot! In my modest opinion looks good like it is. I woulden add some more bushier plants with heart leafes, because I like them, but yours seems ok to me 😊

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