2 new handmade bonsai pots

In a post I did earlier about accent plant pots “click here” I talked a little about a local potter named Phil Garnett. I had sent Phil an email asking if he had any interest in making actual bonsai pots. He said at the time he has never made any and that if he has time maybe he will make a bonsai pot or 2 for “shits and giggles”. A couple of weeks ago Phil sent me a follow-up email with pics of his first 2 bonsai pots he ever attempted to make. I was surprised he remembered me and sent an updated email with photos. The pots looked great in the photos but it’s always better to see them in person. Phil said he would have them at his store and I could stop and check them out. He said he would make sure they were on hold, so I would have the option to buy them before anyone else. So on my next day off my wife and I took the 40 minute drive to Phil’s store to see the pots. Just as in the photos, the pots looked great and there was no way I was leaving without them! And the price was just as spectacular with each pot only costing $30.00. That is insane for the size of the pot and the fact that they are handmade!! So below are the pots purchased and I hope he decides to make more in the future 🙂


Size in inches

9L x 5H x 2.5D

The pot looks a little uneven but it is not. Everything is even and square and looks much better in person. It’s not a good photo because I was having some issues with the lighting and trying to get a good photo. Damn garage lights!


Size in inches

7.5L x 5.5W x 2.25D

And same goes for this pot as mentioned above for the other pot. 

Obviously with being glazed I will be putting some sort of deciduous bonsai in these pots. Unfortunately, it’s not re-potting season so we will all have to wait until next spring to see them in use 😦

Thanks for reading 🙂

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