New material I’ve acquired for bonsai

Here are some quick photos of new pre-bonsai material I have in one way or another, acquired over the past several months. It most likely will not be until next spring when I will have individual post about each pre-bonsai specimen. As of now its just been very minimal care other than whats needed to make sure they stay healthy and prepare for re-potting and major pruning next spring. I have just not had much time to work with my trees much as you can tell with the lengthy time-lapse between each post.

Nursery Stock:


Cedrus Deodara


Blue Star Juniper


Japanese Plum Yew


Shimpaku Juniper


Bagatelle Barberry


Royal burgundy Barberry


Dawn Redwood


Willow-Leaf Ficus aka Narrow-Leaf Ficus


Spreading Yew


Dwarf Blue Princess Holly

Urban Yamadori (landscape collected)


8 new collected barberry (minus 2 nursery stock in photo that are listed above) See my post here about their story 🙂

Yamadori (nature collected):


Newly collected Ivy – Looks weird now but I have plans for these guys come spring time 😉



Crape Myrtle – In spring it will be chopped way down. I had to leave it long to ensure it would grow enough roots and store energy for winter.

There are several other plants I have in mind that I wish to obtain over the next month or two. Once I have them in my possession I will make certain I post them for everyone to see.

Again, sorry for the lengthy time-lapse between post and I will try o start pumping out post more often going forward.

On a side note: My middle daughter (12yrs) is going in for major oral surgery tomorrow morning and having some extensive work done to her teeth. Keep her in your prayers and thoughts so that the surgery goes very well and she has a quick and good recovery.

Thanks again for reading and following and see you next time 🙂

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