Minoru Akiyama assisted by Peter Warren Demo – Natures Way Bonsai 2014

This years special guest artists headlining for Natures Way Bonsai Nursery’s annual Spring Festival was award-winning professional from Japan, Minoru Akiyama and talented, well-known artist from the United Kingdom, Peter Warren. As always the Spring Festival this year started with a free demo Friday night (beer and snacks included) and a whole days worth on free demos, food, snacks and of course bonsai on Saturday. Saturday happened to be my daughters prom so I was  unable to attend the Saturday festivities.  This wasn’t much of a big deal considering our club meeting on the upcoming Monday night was going to be a demo/lecture with both Minoru and Peter so I would get plenty time with them outside of missing the Saturday activities. 

The demo itself was to be one tree however, there was some time leftover that they decided to continue on and give us another demo! The first bonsai was mainly styled by Minoru Akiyama with the assistance and translation done by Peter Warren. In this post I will cover the demo of the first tree only and follow-up in the near future with the unexpected demo of the second tree.

(click on first photo to enlarge and open gallery)

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for Part 2 of this demo 🙂

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