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Bill Valavanis – Lecture and demo

Sorry I have been away for several months. I have been extremely busy! I have recently had a schedule change at work and have been involved with many other things. However, I have been just as busy dealing with bonsai that over this absence I have acquired a lot of info regarding bonsai that will be posted as time goes on. I have been to numerous lecture/demos, club meetings, volunteered time at the National Bonsai-Penjing museum and met many bonsai artist/professionals along the way. With that said, thanks for continuing to follow my blog through this slow period and lots of good stuff is on the way.

Speaking of bonsai artist/professionals, one of the lectures/demos that I attended for our club “Susquehanna Bonsai Club” had the very well known Bill Valavanis as the guest speaker. Bill gave us a great slide show presentation on creating bonsai forest which included a discussion on species used, positioning of selected trees, techniques used and so on. It was very informative. In this post I am only going to show a few photos of the event. If you would like a much more detailed post with more photos please check out the post about this demo on The Susquehanna Bonsai Clubs blog by clicking HERE.

Sorry again for such a gap between post and this one being short. 

 Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for much more to come!