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2 New Pots!!

I stopped by a bonsai shop that is in the next city over from where I live today. I was briefly here before for a quick gathering for one of our club meetings before leaving to view the Kennett Collection the other week. I wanted more time to actually look around and see what I can find. The name of the place is “Meco Bonsai”. They are located near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They do not have any trees or plants because they mainly concentrate on all other things. You will find bonsai tools, pots, wire, soil, fertilizer, books, suiseki, and the list goes on and on and on…….. However, they are probably most known for the turntables and work tables/lifts that they make specifically for bonsai.

I will hopefully be able to do a full post just on them in the future (with their approval of course) so I wont get into any more about them for now. The main reason of this post is to just show you the 2 pots I bought while I was there. I absolutely love them so I have to share them with you!

According to the owner of Meco Bonsai, Roger Lehman, they are imported from a new chinese potter who is trying to get his product out there. Sorry I cant remember his name but I will try to find out. These 2 pots were obtained as a pair basically as promos to show his work ability and to spread his name. Because of that, they are the only 2 like it and one of a kind. The craftsmanship in my opinion is so well, precise and clean they almost look manufactured instead of handcrafted. The style, and color of the pots is what caught my eye. And of course, the cost was incredible. Only $23.00 for the pair!!! So let me know if you like them as much as I do! 🙂


The 1st pot of the twins.

Dimensions: 4.75L x 3.75W x 1.5D (inches) 


Overhead view.


Bottom view with the chop mark. 


And the 2nd pot of the twins.

Dimensions: 5L x 4W x 1D (inches)


Overhead view.


Bottom view with the chop mark.


And here the twins are together!

Not sure what I will put in either of these at the moment………. Any suggestions on types of trees that would look good in these pots???? 

Thanks again for your time 🙂