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Fukien Tea Bonsai #3

And here is the 3rd and final Fukien Tea Bonsai in my collection. This was actually the first Fukien Tea bonsai I owned and purchased it several years ago at Wal-Mart for I believe $6.00. The below photos span from its beginning a few years ago to its most current form. The beginning photos are embarrassing since I first worked on this tree when I started bonsai and had no clue what the heck I was doing 🙂 


Here it is as I purchased it. That wiring  job is incredible! 😉 I’m embarrassed to even show this pic. But as I stated it was my first bonsai tree ever and my first attempt of wiring before actually finding out how to do it. So go ahead and start laughing 🙂


The tree re-potted into obviously a too large of pot just after buying it. I thought it looked good at the time and it made everything ok with the addition of the little mudman 😉 LOL


So about a year later I re-potted into a much more size appropriate pot and did a little better at the wiring. 


After some time passed and letting some of the branches extend, I thought I could do a much better job with this tree. So I trimmed back the growth and re-potted it. 


This is the new pot I chose. I think the light green contrasts nicely against the dark green leaves and fits the tree well. I also think the style and size of the pot work well. 


Interior view of pot.


And here it is trimmed up and re-potted. After looking at it for a short bit there was still something about the tree that I did not like.


So here it is after I decided I did not like the height and the way it was growing. I chopped off the top! Once the branches extend a little more I will wire them and give them some style. I think the tree is better at this height with the thickness of the trunk. 


Here it is as of now since I chopped off the top a few short weeks ago. Its starting to fill in nicely and will soon start to push out some new shoots. I think it is a much better bonsai currently than it was from my first horrible attempt at bonsai with it.

Well that does it for my Fukien Tea Bonsai collection. None of them are museum ready but I still think that Fukien Tea trees are a worthy species for being bonsai. 

Thanks for reading 🙂